together we can make a difference

together we can make a difference

together we can make a differencetogether we can make a differencetogether we can make a difference

Supporting young people with life-limiting illnesses and raising awareness of organ donation.

About Us

Our Team

Belle - our inspiration for starting the charity

We are a new charity made up of a fabulous group of 12 trustees who are all part-time volunteers committed to helping others.  We are family and friends of Belle, who has inspired us and touched our hearts with her generosity in helping others when she was dealing with so much herself.  Belle's Story is Belle's lasting legacy, following her wish to raise awareness of organ donation and supporting young people with life-changing illnesses. 

Our History

Belle at Cardiff Half Marathon in 2018 wearing her signed hoodie from all the fundraising runners

Belle's Story began in 2017 when Belle and her Mum decided to share their journey about life with Interstitial Lung Disease.  At the age of 9 Belle was listed on the transplant register for new lungs which introduced them to the world of organ donation.

Sadly, in April 2019, Belle lost her battle before lungs became available, after spending the last year helping to raise tens of thousands of pounds for charities that helped Belle and her family. 

Our Mission

Belle at Newgale Beach

We want to make a difference to young people touched by life-changing illness and disabilities, by providing direct support to them and their families to relieve hardship and suffering or helping to provide facilities, services and equipment that make such a difference.  We will continue to support charities that made a difference to Belle and we will continue to raise awareness of organ donation and the need to discuss your wishes.


 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and help others. Thank you for your generosity 

Beautiful Belle

Click the button to watch the Heno S4C epiode from 4th December 2019, remembering Belle