Rhannau Fy Injan: Llyfr Gan Belle


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Welsh Language version of Belle’s Book: My Engine Parts

Are you crazy about cars? Belle Curran was too! Her favourite car was a Ferrari and that’s why her big brother bought her a toy one for her second birthday.

Belle’s dad refurbishes cars that are written-off or badly damaged. One of his customers would bring old Ferraris to get fixed up, and when they were as good as new, Belle’s dad would always take her for a spin. This was Belle’s favourite thing to do with her dad.

When Belle got sick, she was told she needed a double lung transplant. Just like the cars her dad fixed up – Belle needed spare parts too! Belle lost her battle in 2019, still waiting for her spare parts. The list of people waiting for organs was just too long compared to those available.

To shorten the wait and save more lives like Belle’s, be sure to chat to your family about organ donation and share your choices. You can visit Orgamites.com too – there’s loads of brilliant resources and info there.

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